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Camp site

General PRH Camp Site info:

Camping is for free, but subject to possession of a valid festival-ticket! Camping is at one's own risk, the management accepts no responsibility in any case!

The official arrival day is August 8th, 2017, starting at 8.00 a.m. This year it is possible to arrive on Sunday August 6th at 8 a.m. We will charge 20,00 € Early Arrival Fee. The Early Arrival Fee covers the extra 2 days of camping and a pass for a Warmup Show with The Offspring on the 7th.

The First Aid Point is open 24 hours a day throughout the festival.

You will be provided with variety of food and drinks of good quality at a big number of stands, adequate in quantity and pricing. The same also goes for vegetarians!!! At the festival area you can buy the PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY food & drinks coupons at the Coupon Office stalls. No cash is accepted at the festival area!

Please really try and help us to keep the festival area and the surroundings clean! Use the garbage bins that will be placed throughout the festival area and take note of the marked recycle bins also.

Wheelchair users or other physically handicapped people, who rely on support, can bring their escorting person to the festival area FOR FREE. They are allowed to use the VIP camping grounds, which enable an easier passage to the festival area. Handicapped accessible restrooms will be available. Please note that an official medical certificate will be demanded upon your arrival!

The info point personnel will provide you with the following info: shuttle transport, running order, your favourite band's session hours and all other festival-related news. You can also deposit things that you have found, or leave a note if you have lost something.

Dogs and other animals are NOT permitted in the festival area!