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• Camp opens on Saturday, 4.8.2018 at 08:00

• Camp closes on Saturday, 11.8.2018 at 15:00

Camping is available to festival guests free of charge from Tuesday, 7.8.2018, but is a subject to possession of a valid festival-ticket! 

Camping & parking areas are divided in 2 different sections:

1. parking & camping areas

2. camping only

Camping is at one's own risk, festival promoters accepts no responsibility in any case!



We are offering you the advanced group camping booking for minimum 20 persons per group. Contact: With applying, please provide the following details in an e-mail: tent size (3 or 4 + persons), number of cars (vans, campers, motorbikes,...), number of people in application (min.20 people) and - festival ticket details (either ticket number or Order ID number). 

Please note, we will keep your group camp ground reserved only until Sunday, 5.8.2018, till 18.00. After that time it will be open to all guests.


The official arrival day is August 7th, 2018, starting at 8.00 a.m. This year it is possible to arrive on Saturday August 4th at 8 a.m. We will charge 30,00 € Early Arrival Fee for Early Arrival on Saturday 4.8. and 20,00 € for Early Arrival on Sunday, 5.8.2018 or Monday, 6.8.2018. Fee covers the extra 2/3 days of camping and a pass for a Warmup Show.



Submission time for group camping has expired.