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One of the biggest and maybe the PUNK ROCK Festival with the most beautiful location you've ever seen in Tolmin/Slovenia. A friendly festival with an audience that travels from all over the world to Tolmin. Pure passion, refreshing energy, adrenaline is PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY´s motto and credo – an indeed nice, comfortable and truely unique atmosphere with summer and vacation vibe. Can´t ask for more! Located on a peninsula inbetween the two mountain rivers Tolminka and Soca with two „festival-owned“ beaches, PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY convinces not only with these main nature attractions but also the beautiful scenery and the close and great access to the Mediterranean sea (distance approx. 65 kilometers). Arrival from Slovenia via Ljubljana, Italy or Austria is possible very easily and on those last meters to travel right before you hit Tolmin you´ll be astonished by the breath-taking landscape. A wonderful scenery not only for Punk Rock fans but also for families with their kids. PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY – Those who´ve been there once will always return, because you literally fall in love at first sight with the landscape and surroundings; crystal clear mountain rivers and lakes, an incredible tree and hill landscape with The Alps in the background. A dream come true and inbetween all this one of the most popular festivals there is. The PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY area is part of the Julijske Alpe National Parks and the river Soča is one of the cleanest rivers in Europe. For all camping fanatics PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY gives away biological tent pegs and furthermore the festival organisation has successfully invented a waste/trash deposit system and waste separation. Nowhere else you can so easily and nicely relax, swim, bath, drink and hang out and bang your head a few hundred meters away than at PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY!
All this makess PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY to a very unique event that has to be seen!


Tolmin, the town that gave the name to the entire region, is the largest settlement in Zgornje Posocje (Upper Soca Valley) as well as the economic, cultural and administrative centre of the valley. Its streets and houses bask in sunlight on a terrace above the confluence of Soca and Tolminka rivers. It is positioned at the right distance from the steep mountainous valleys, so that inhabitants may enjoy mild winters, and from the sea and Gorica plateau, so that they may take pleasure in enjoyable summers. This section includes the area of valleys and mountain villages above Tolminka and Zadlašcica, and continues through the hinterland of Volce and Ciginj all the way to the state border on Kolovrat.


Ravines and basins: The most famous are the Tolminka and Zadlašcica basins at the entrance to the Triglav National Park, which are also its lowest point (180 m). A special feature of the Tolminka basins is a thermal spring at the end of the path. Waterfalls: The region boasts several record-holders (Brinta Waterfall 104 m, Gregorcic Waterfall 88 m) and several smaller but no less ravishing jewels hidden in the ravines of the Mrzli Potok, Godica, Pšcak and Sopotnica. Since the access to majority of waterfalls is fairly difficult, you are strongly recommended to hire a guide.
Caves: Although caves in the area are not equipped for massive tourist visits, many of them can still be visited under the guidance of experienced cavers.