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You can buy your tickets, parking tickets and other Punk Rock Holiday merchandise in our online-shop.


Please follow the "Punk Rock Holiday" parking signs in Tolmin. Parking and camping is permitted only on foreseen places, so please follow the instructions of the parking security personnel. The full week parking next to your tent will cost 30 EUR. All prices are for 1 vehicle, regardless of the number of passengers. You can buy your parking at the festival. Please note that the parking sticker should be placed onto the INNER LEFT SIDE of your vehicle's windshield!

ATTENTION! This year we offer exclusive parking for CAMPER VANS in the camping ground closest to the festival area. The camping with a few special perks for the whole week will cost you 60 EUR.


The official arrival day is August 7th, 2015, starting at 9.00 a.m. This year it is possible to arrive on Sunday August 6th at 8 a.m. We will charge € 15,00 Early Arrival ticket for the Warmup show on August 7th. The extra ticket will include free camping on both 6th and 7th.



The First Aid Point is open 24 hours a day throughout the festival.


You will be provided with variety of food and drinks of good quality at a big number of stands, adequate in quantity and pricing. The same also goes for vegetarians!!! At the festival area you can buy the Punk Rock Holiday food & drinks coupons at the Coupon office stands. No cash is accepted at the festival area!


Please really try to keep the festival area and the surroundings clean! Use the garbage bins that will be placed throughout the festival area and take note of the marked recycle bins also.


Wheelchair users or other physically handicapped people who rely on support, can bring their escorting person to the festival area for free. They are allowed to use the VIP camping grounds, which enable an easier passage to the festival area. Handicapped accessible restrooms will be available. Please note that an official medical certificate will be demanded upon your arrival!


The info point personnel will provide you with the following info: shuttle transport, running order, your favourite band's session hours and all other festivalrelated news. You can also deposit things that you have found or leave a note if you have lost something. At the info point you can also charge your mobile phones and other devices and put your valuables in a safe deposit.


There will be a limited edition of PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY festival shirts and other PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY merchandise available at the official PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY merchandise stand.


Dogs and other animals are NOT permitted to the festival area!


Photographing for your personal use by means of pocket cameras permitted only. Surely, you do understand that due to contractual obligations, no use of professional photo equipment with objectives, video cameras and alike, is allowed on the festival area. There is no chance that the security personnel will take them into safekeeping! People who will be caught with such equipment will have to leave the festival area. All the recorded data will be taken by our security personnel, with no "return" option.


At the festival area it is prohibited to bring: cans, bottles, hard drugs, objects that can be used as projectiles, knifes, and of course any kind of weapons and other objects that can be used as such. Leave those things at home; you won't be able - in any case - to get into the festival area with them!


Every visitor participates in the festival at his own risk. Besides, every visitor is obliged to take action for the warranty of his own safety. The visitor is also responsible for his property, which he brings along. The organizer is not liable for any lost or damaged property! The organizer is not liable for violations of the Slovenian law, thievery, injuries or damages by third parties that happen in course of the festival.


You find the schedule of the bands' performances at the PROGRAM section.


Please keep the toilet and shower facilities clean so also other people can use them conveniently after you did! On the camping area toilets and showers will also be available, of course.


The instructions of the security personnel are NOT to be followed voluntarily but obligatory! Please, avoid senseless annoying actions so everybody will feel comfortable!


From the train station in Most na Soci, a shuttle bus will transfer you to the PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY area and back for a symbolic price.


Swimming and other sports are at everyone's own risk!