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Q: Will there be WiFi available on Punk Rock Holiday, and where?
A: Yes, we will have WiFi hotspots at bars, food stalls and the Cantina. Please mind, that it’s not very easy to provide a stable connection in a national park. It should be sufficient for staying connected with your friends, though, and for using the app functions that require an internet connection.

Q: Will the PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY 2017 be sold out?
A: It's completely sold out! Check with beach stage bands if they might have any extra. No tickets will be available at the doors, no 1-day tickets... sold out!

Q: Are there separate tickets for camping and parking?
A: Yes. The camping from August 8th to August 11th is included in the ticket price, parking tickets can be bought at the festival entrance. They cost 30 EUR for cars to be parked next to the tent or 60 EUR for camper vans. Since 2016 we charge Early Arrival fee if you plan to arrive earlier that the 8th.

Q: Can I camp at PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY without attending the festival?
A: No, to camp and park at the festival requires the possession of a valid festival ticket.

Q: Can I park my vehicle next to my tent?
A: Yes!

Q: Does Slovenia require any specific entry documents?
A: Since Slovenia is part of the EU, visitors from other EU countries do not need any specific documents. Visitors from no EU-countries should check with their local embassy to avoid complications.

Q: What currency is used in Slovenia?
A: The sole currency in Slovenia is the Euro.

Q: Do children get free admittance to the festival?
A: Yes, for children under the age of 12, the entrance is free. Please note, that children can only enter the festival grounds if accompanied by a legal guardian.

Q: Can underage visitors enter the festival area?
A: Yes, but only if accompanied by a legal guardian.

Q: Are pets allowed at the festival/camping area?
A: No! Pets are strictly prohibited at the festival. Please understand, that a festival is not the right place for a pet.

Q: Is open fire allowed on the festival grounds?
A: Open campfires are strictly prohibited. Using a grill is allowed, but please make sure to use the authentic equipment.

Q: Are glass bottles/containers allowed on festival grounds and the camping area?
A: No, all kinds of glass containers are forbidden at the festival.

Q: Does the festival provide cash-dispensers?
A: No, unfortunately not, but Tolmin has a bank.

Q: Where can I purchase PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY merchandise?
A: Either in the PRH-Webshop or at the festival's merch-stand.