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Q: Will there be WiFi available on Punk Rock Holiday, and where?
A: Yes, we will have WiFi hotspots at bars, food stalls and the Cantina. Please mind, that it’s not very easy to provide a stable connection in a national park. It should be sufficient for staying connected with your friends, though, and for using the app functions that require an internet connection.

Q: Will the PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY 2018 be sold out?
A: Tickets on our online shop are sold out! But there are still tickets available at beach stage bands listed below. 


The Murderburgers:

Pink Flamingos:

Trash Candy:

Irish Handcuffs:


A time to stand:

Kreshesh Nepitash:

Charlie bit my finger:

Mental Strike:




One Hidden Frame:

Dead Neck:

Camp High Gain:

Bates Motel:

Rebel Assholes:

Neutral Bombs:


Skin of Tears:

Escape Artists:

The Enthused:

Young Hearts:

Against the odds:

Q: Are there separate tickets for camping and parking?
A: Yes. The camping is included in the ticket price (and Early arrival is payed separately for those, who want to arrive early), parking tickets can be bought at the festival entrance. 

Q: Can I camp at PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY without attending the festival?

A: No, to camp and park at the festival requires the possession of a valid festival ticket.

Q: Can I park my vehicle next to my tent?
A: Yes, at the Camping & Parking area only.

Q: Does Slovenia require any specific entry documents?
A: Since Slovenia is part of the EU, visitors from other EU countries do not need any specific documents. Visitors from no EU-countries should check with their local embassy to avoid complications.

Q: What currency is used in Slovenia?
A: The sole currency in Slovenia is the Euro.

Q: Do children get free admittance to the festival?
A: Yes, for children under the age of 12, the entrance is free. Please note, that children can only enter the festival grounds if accompanied by a legal guardian.

Q: Can underage visitors enter the festival area?
A: Yes, but only if accompanied by a legal guardian.

Q: Are pets allowed at the festival/camping area?
A: No! Pets are strictly prohibited at the festival. Please understand, that a festival is not the right place for a pet.

Q: Is open fire allowed on the festival grounds?
A: Open campfires are strictly prohibited. Using a grill is allowed, but please make sure to use the authentic equipment.

Q: Are glass bottles/containers allowed on festival grounds and the camping area?
A: No, all kinds of glass containers are forbidden at the festival.

Q: Does the festival provide cash-dispensers?
A: Yes, there is an ATM machine at the festival area.

Q: Where can I purchase PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY merchandise?
A: At the festival's merch-stand, located at the Main Stage entrance.