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PRH 1.7 Festival Map and Parking Regulations

As you might have noticed, we are not allowed to park cars in the forest from this year!
To be honest, it was never allowed and we were the only festival that disobeyed and used this area as parking and camping, but since some cars were parked in the middle of the paths last year and the fire department couldn't drive through, we were warned not to allow cars in the forrest any more as the paths need to be clear in case of intervention. Thanks for understanding!
We rented extra fields this year, so in case you wanna park next to your tent, there should be enough space for everybody ;)

Same goes with the campers. Since we are not a licensed campsite, we are not allowed to provide electricity anymore. Camper vans will be treated just like normal parking and camping cars.
Parking tickets will be divided into Parking Only (€ 20,00) and Parking & Camping (€ 30,00).
We will also provide a free luggage transfer from the Entrance to the Slovenian Village (middle of the forrest).
See you soon!